Account Settings

What are some reasons that a user can be suspended or banned?

Our goal is to enable a fair and level playing field for all creatives by ensuring the rules of our platform are followed by all participants. Following activities can lead to an account suspension or revocation of certain privileges: Submitting names that have been already mentioned by contest holder in the contest brief or discussion section. Submitting […]

Deleting Your Account

We completely respect if you would no longer want to participate in the Squadhelp community. Simply send an email to us at and let us know that you are interested in canceling your account. We will deactivate your account which will stop any further email communications to you. This will also remove the ability […]

Communication Notifications Preference

Our goal at Squadhelp is to provide complete control about communication preferences to the users, so that you can control what type of communication you would like to receive. Simply go to your account page, and click on Notification Settings on the left menu. You can then select what kind of notifications would you like to receive. […]

Account Settings

At Squadhelp you can change your account settings at any time. We encourage you to upload your profile picture, and add some more details about your self in “My Bio” section. A real profile picture helps establish trust with buyers and other community members. You can also change other aspects of your profile such as Name, Address, email […]