Point System

At Squadhelp, creatives who receive high ratings on their submissions earn points. They earn an even greater number of points for earning a bonus or for winning contests. This system acts as a mechanism to recognize those creatives who continue to submit well thought out, high quality submissions to contests. In summary, the point system […]

Best Entries

Contestants have the ability to mark up to two of their entries as “Best Entries” in a contest. These entries will stand out from others, resulting in much higher likelihood that the contest holder will see these entries and evaluate them closely for winner selection. You will need 50 points to highlight an entry as […]

Submitting entries to a contest

As a contestant, you can participate in most contests. However, there are few exceptions: If you have recently joined Squadhelp, you can only participate in contests that launch 24 hours after your join date. “Invite Only” contests are only open to those contestants who have won at least one contest on Squadhelp. In order to […]