Why should I Guarantee my Contest?

By Guaranteeing your contest, you are signaling to the contestants that a winner will certainly be chosen for the contest. This results in greater participation, higher number of entries and better quality of submissions. Here’s why:

    •  Greater Participation: Some of the top tier creatives only participate in those contests which are guaranteed. Therefore, if your contest is currently not guaranteed, you might be missing out on participation from many creatives.
    • Higher Quality: Creatives work harder if they know that a winner will definitely be chosen for a contest. Since at any given time, we have many contests running on Squadhelp, the Creatives prioritize their work and research time for those contests which are guaranteed. Therefore, by guaranteeing your contest, you will likely see higher quality of entries.
    • More Entries: Guaranteed contests typically result in at least 30% higher number of entries compared to non guaranteed contests.

Note: Guaranteed contests are not eligible for refund because a winner must be selected in these contests