A low percentile score doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality of your submissions is bad. However, it could be a sign that your submissions are not quite hitting the mark. Don’t worry, this can happen due to many reasons, and here are some tips that can help in improving your percentile score:

  • Submit fewer entries per contest. You might be submitting too many entries for each contest. We find that it is better to submit less submissions, that are more thoughtful.
  • Take the time to carefully read the brief.  Try to put yourself in the shoes of the CH, and think critically if your name or logo would makes sense for their business. Would you pick this name or logo if you were running that business?
  • Stagger your submissions. Do not submit all your submissions at once. Submit 2-3 options, and then wait for the CH’s feedback. Once you see the ratings, or more comments from the CH, then adjust your direction and submit more entries.
  • Not all contests connect with all creatives. Before participating, take a moment and think if the contest is from an industry that really connects with you?  You might consider skipping the ones that you are not into, and focusing your time and effort on those that are close to your personal taste and experience.
  • Never use Name Generators to submit dozens of random options. This “spray and pray” tactic is guaranteed to result in low ratings from CHs.  Consistent low ratings will lead to much lower percentile score, and will limit your ability to participate in future contests.