Your Percentile Ranking Score is a relative score, and it provides your overall ranking on SH platform (based upon CH ratings),

For example, if your Percentile Ranking Score is 89%, it means that you rank higher than 89% of other contestants, based upon the ratings you have received from contest holders.

We use this score to determine  how many entries you can submit in future contests.  If your percentile ranking score is higher than other contestants, you would be able to submit more entries compared to them.

I am new, where can I see my percentile score?

If you are fairly new, or have participated in less than 10 contests, we do not calculate your Percentile Ranking Score.  We want to see a consistent pattern of participation and contest holder ratings before we calculate this score. Once you have participated in at least 10 contests, you will automatically see this information on your public profile page.

How Can I improve my Percentile Score?

Follow these tips to improve your percentile score. It is important that you not let the percentile score drop too much because a low percentile score will limit your ability to participate in future contests.