If you suspect that one of the names you submitted in a contest has been registered by the contest holder, you can report it to Squadhelp for investigation. Our policy requires that the contest holders compensate contestants if they register a domain name from their contest.

In order for Squadhelp to investigate such issues, please report the domain via the “Report Domain” link. This link can be found on the contest page (under Entries tab). Please click on “Check Availability” next to your entry, and if that name is no longer available, the “Report Domain” link will be visible below the name. Please provide the “Who Is” information for the domain name. The Who Is information must contain a name or contact information of the person who registered the domain.

Our communication policy requires that you can not discuss such issues directly with the contest holder. You must report such issues to Squadhelp for investigation.

Upon receiving a report of domain registration, we will follow the process outlined in this article.

We are committed to enforcing our Terms of Service and take necessary action against those who violate it.