As a contest holder here on Squadhelp you do have certain responsibilities. Please read through the Contest Holder Guidelines below:

Never Violate Intellectual Property Rights

Every entry submitted to your contest belongs to the creative who originally created it, until it’s  paid for. You automatically own the entry that you select as the winner. If you intend to use other entries from your contest,  you must compensate the creative who submitted the entry. In case of naming contests, if you want to register additional domain names from your contest,  you can do so as long as you pay a $100 bonus to the contestants who came up with the names. For example, if you register 2 additional domain names (in addition to the winning entry) from a contest, you must pay a bonus of $200 ($100 each) to the contestants who submitted those names.

Important: If you register a domain, please send a bonus to the creative immediately in order to avoid any interruption in your contest. This bonus will be refunded back to you if you select the same name as the winner of your contest. If you pick a different winner, the bonus will be kept by the creative as a compensation for their submission. Failure to send a bonus for registered domains will result in a temporary suspension of the contest until the creative receives compensation. .

No objectionable content

Please do not post a contest that contains any of the following: anything that may be: construed as obscene, pornographic, illegal or offensive in any way. Please do not run a contest if your company is based on a service or product that may be considered obscene, pornographic, illegal or offensive.

Provide feedback for everyone

The majority of the contestants that submit entries to your contest (in fact, all but one) will not receive anything more for their work than the comments that you leave them for their submissions. Please let each and every creative know what you think about their entries and rate each one. This will also help the contestants adjust their submissions as they will get a better understanding of your taste and preferences.

Be polite with the contestants

Everybody here works very hard, even if you think a submitted entry doesn’t meet your requirements at all there is still a good chance that someone took quite a bit of time on it so politely tell them why you don’t like it. There is never any reason to be rude.
Not picking a winner is not cool

In case of Guaranteed Contests, you are required to select a winner for the contest. In case of non-guaranteed contests, even though you technically don’t have to pick a winner for your contest if none of the entries meet your expectations, we strongly recommend that you do. By selecting a winner and awarding the prize for your contest you are showing your appreciation for all of the hard work that has been done for you.
Consider guaranteeing your contest prize

When you guarantee the prize for your contest, you are committing to select a winner with no option for a refund, which means that we can tell the contestants that there is a guaranteed prize for the contest, and that a winner will definitely be selected. This can lead to a huge increase in the number of entries submitted to a contest and the quality of the entries.

Do your research

Squadhelp acts as a platform in your contest/project and we make no claims whatsoever as to the originality of any of the entries that are submitted. You should do a fair amount of research and consult with a trademark attorney before using any creative material in trade or business. This applies to any creative agency and not just the creatives here at Squadhelp.
Be as detailed as possible

Providing as much information as you can about what you are looking for is always best. When you fill out the Contest Brief be sure to provide as much information as possible about what you are looking for. When providing feedback to the designers be as specific as possible about what you like and don’t like.