Our goal is to enable a fair and level playing field for all creatives by ensuring the rules of our platform are followed by all participants. Following activities can lead to an account suspension or revocation of certain privileges:

  1. Submitting names that have been already mentioned by contest holder in the contest brief or discussion section.
  2. Submitting names that have previously won in another contest (without disclosing the information to the contest holder)
  3. Submitting minor variations of names that have previously won in another contest (without disclosing the information to the contest holder)
  4. Knowingly submitting names or design that violate copyright.
  5. Blatantly copying someone else’s work
  6. Repeated violation of Squadhelp’s messaging policy or the forum posting policy
  7. Maintaining multiple accounts on Squadhelp platform
  8. Collaborating with other creatives to gain an advantage in certain contests over other creatives
  9. Participating in contests where you have interacted with the contest holders outside Squadhelp’s platform
  10. Violating the Non Disclosure Agreement in contests by sharing information related to Squadhelp contests with other individuals
  11. Providing false information related to your identity, or providing inaccurate information in W-9 or W8-Ben forms
  12. Registering your own domain names, and then reporting them as registered in a contest.
  13. Contacting contest holders or other creatives outside the Squadhelp platform without their explicit permission
  14. Inviting other creatives or contest holders to join a different website, or platform
  15. Directly soliciting work or promoting your services to other members on Squadhelp platform
  16. Sending private messages to contest holders with a goal to privately extract information that might be helpful to other creatives as well.
  17. Contest Holders: Registering a domain name without compensating the creative who submitted the name
  18. Contest Holders: Knowingly awarding the contest to an acquaintance, co-worker or a friend