Contestants have the ability to mark upto two of their entries as “Best Entries” in a contest. These entries will stand out from others, resulting in much higher likelihood that the contest holder will see these entries and evaluate them closely for winner selection.

In case of unawarded contests (if the contest holder does not select a winner), we will also consider best entries to pick a winner for a contest (in addition to other 4 star and 5 star entries).

You will need 50 points to highlight an entry as a best entry. This ensures that only those contestants who have earned points, are able to use this feature. It also ensures that contestants use this feature only in those cases where they truly think their submission is high quality, and deserves to win.

Every time you highlight a best entry, the system will automatically deduct 50 points from your account. If you highlight two entries in a contest as Best Entries, the system will deduct 100 accounts.

You have two ways to highlight Best Entries:

Option 1: At the time of entry submission

Option 2: After submitting your entries

You can go back to the contest page, and next to your entry, click on Actions, and select “Best Entry..” option